About us

Founded in 1977, in the city of Palmeira das Missões, Rio Grande do Sul state, Agrofel Grãos e Insumos’ mission is to serve the farmer, providing solutions from the seed to the harvest.

We provide seeds, fertilizers, agricultural pesticides and biostimulants and work with the receipt, storage and commercialization of grains, soybeans, corn and wheat.

Our team is highly trained and focused on delivering quality products and services to our customers.

Agrofel is present in the entire state of Rio Grande do Sul, with 36 service units to serve our more than fifteen thousand customers.

Business Philosophy


Provide sustainable solutions to our customers, from the seed to the commercialization of production.


icone_geracao-de-valorValue Generation: We work to add value to our customers, suppliers and shareholders with innovative actions that guarantee sustainability and growth.



Passion for the job: We work with dedication and teamwork spirit, recognizing people and internal talents.



Customers: We work with a high level of commitment, respect and appreciation for our customers, looking to serve all of their needs.


Ethic:icone_etica Fully comply with our responsibilities, with transparency and with all stakeholders.



icone_sustentabilidadeSocio-environmental responsibility: We act in favor of sustainable development, promoting social actions that contribute to the quality of life in the communities in which we operate.



Since 1977, we are in the industry of agribusiness working with receiving, storing, and commercialization of soy, corn and wheat. Furthermore, we offer to our clients the possibility of exchanging grains for other inputs with quality and safety.


GRAINS: Soya, Corn and Wheat
Our grains receiving unities are in the main agricultural regions of Rio Grande do Sul.


Augusto Pestana


Capão do Cipó

Capão do Leão (Pelotas)



Dom Pedrito





Júlio de Castilhos

Palmeira das Missões (3)

Passo Fundo

Santa Tecla

Santo Ângelo

São Gabriel




Agricultural Inputs


Certified seeds with high production potential are essential for high yields.

Main Suppliers:


We seek the correct and balanced plant nutrition as a priority factor for high yields.

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Crop protection, in a sustainable and efficient way, is the way to ensure a correct balance between high yields, food availability and environmental preservation.

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The search for greater agricultural yield is through the use of innovative and high technology products that promote the bio stimulation, hormonal balance of plants.

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